In a wind farm, we want to place turbines to maximise total energy production.  However, turbines affect each others, due to wake interactions.  For this reason we need sufficient turbine spacing.   When you position one turbine, you potentially affect the optimal position of all the other turbines.  This is the layout optimisation problem.

Windoku Challenge illustrates the layout optimisation problem in its simplest form.

How well does indstry tools solve the Windoku problem ?

Did you try the Windoku Challenge ?  If you did not score the maximum score, you are in good company.  The below table shows the results from industry tools when trying to solve the simple Windoku problem.

1WindFarmDesigns75 (Optimal)
2Human Players70 - 75

Even for such a simplified problem, human players beat the industry tools , which were not able to fit 10 turbines into the wind farm.  Even if they did manage to position all the turbines, they would still not guaranteed to find the optimal layout.

Humans on the other hand, outperformed the industry tools (except WindFarmDesgins) in this case.  Most humans are able to position all the 10 turbines while keeping two cells minimum distance, and about 25% of human players find the optimal layout.