About Us


WindFarmDesigns, ParkOptimizer and Windoku challenge is the product of Markedslabben AS, which was started in 2012. Markedslabben is located in Kristiansand at the EVA innovation centre.

Markedslabben combines experienced wind industry practitioners with young talented engineers.

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Klaus Vogstad

PhD electr. eng, MSc mech eng, NTNU

CEO and Founder

CEO and founder of Markedslabben AS PhD electr. eng. MSc mech eng. NTNU

Klaus has been in the wind energy business for 10 years, working as a senior wind and site analyst.

Klaus is the principal inventor of ParkOptimizer. His interest is to combine practice and theory into useful tools for the wind industry.


John Amund Lund

MSc electr & env. eng. NTNU


John Amund has 6 years experience as CFD Wind & Site analyst, and actively contributed to the development of ParkOptimzier.

He works at Meventus AS as Senior Wind & Site analyst and recently completed work as a PM for wind proejcts for the Georgian Energy Development Fund.


Vaibhav Bhutoria

MSc, Aeronautics & Astronautics, Purdue

CFD developer

Vaibhav’s expertise includes CFD modeling and cloud computing. Vaibhav has been leading the development of the WindFarmDesigns tool.

His interest includes turbulence modeling and computational fluid dynamics.


Orges Cico

MSc Computer Science, Polythecnic Univ. Turin

IT consultant

Orges founded the IT consulting company DominuSoft, and has actively contributed to the development of WindFarmDesigns.

His interest is cloud computing and web applications.


Nina Linn Ulstein

PhD, industrial eng, NTNU


Nina has 10 years experience as management consultant, working at PA consulting group in Londong and Oslo, taking on complex optimisation problems.

Her specialty is operations research and decision support modeling