Optimize your Wind Farm Layout

ParkOptimizer is a desktop application that processes CFD results, map IEC exclusion areas and provide optimal, IEC compliant layouts.  ParkOptimizer uses WFD API.

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WindFarmDesigns API is a general wind farm layout optimization algorithm for making IEC compliant layouts.  The API is used by WFD ParkOptimizer and WFD Web, and can be integrated into 3rd party software.


With WFD Web you can upload your CFD results obtain a resulting layouts.  The level of input data determine the level of sophistication for the layouts.  WFD web uses WFD API

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Wind Farm Layouts

Maximising energy, minimizing loads Wind Farm Layouts should maximise energy while minimizing loads. WindFarmDesigns combines these two goals into one effort, maximising energy while ensuring load compliance.  Turbine layouts are load compliant if each tubine position comply with the IEC 61400-1 standard – or if the layout is verified with a more detailed load calculation.