About WindFarmDesigns

The purpose of our WindFarmDesigns products is to increase energy yield in wind farm projects world wide subject to load constrainst.  Improving the layout is probably the most cost-effective way of improving project profitability for developers, and reducing Cost of Energy for turbine suppliers.   A 2-4% increase in energy yield corresponds to an equivalent increase in project profitability, as well as reduced CO2 emissions assuming wind power replaces fossil generation.

WFD Parkoptimizer has been developed since 2008 with a special focus on wind farms in complex terrain:

IEC Maps of project areas: sinc 2008, WFD ParkOptimizer has provided IEC compliant maps of turbulence, flow inclination extreme wind and terrain for wind farm projects by  post-processing CFD flow results.  This feature quantifies the quality aspects of wind conditions, and is useful at screening stages, as well as being useful in the design of IEC compliant layouts.

Optimized, IEC compliant layouts: IEC compliance including effective turbulcence is inluded as a constraint in the optimization.  This is an unique feature only provided by WindFarmDesigns.

Optimal project size:  ParkOptimizer provides a whole range of optimized layouts, used to determine optimial project size with respect to profitability.

Extract IEC compliance reports:   Report the site suitability of the resulting layout

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WFD API contains the core algorithms of WindFarmDesigns.

Usage: The WFD API can be used in 3rd party software, through the REST API as a web service or as an execuable module on a local server.  Turbine suppliers and large developers have often developed their own internal tools and workflow.  Instead of adding yet another tool, you can integrate the API into your existing workflow.  3rd party software providers, you can integrate the the WFD API into your product.  For example, WFD ParkOptimizer and WFD Web both the API for layout optimization.  Our WFD API is available as a web API and as a Python library.

Future work: Our focus is not to make a complete wind farm design tool, but to specialise in layout optimization and related features.  At the moment, we have included IEC compliance, but are also considering representing noise constraints and infrastructure costs.  We are also working towards replacing IEC crieteria with load models for load compliance.

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Our WFD web application allows you to quickly obtain layouts withtout installing any software.

Usage:  Sometimes you need an initial, realistic layout to estimate energy production and project size.  By uploading wrg files, planning area and turbine data, you can run the optimizations and download optimized layouts.   If you have more detailed results from CFD flow models and wind data, WFD web can provide IEC compliant layout opimizations as well.

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