WindFarmDesigns enables you to find optimal placements of turbines.  ParkOptimizer helps you avoid unsuitable wind conditions, and Windoku teaches you the essence of wind farm design.


WindFarmDesigns provide you with optimised layouts at the click of a button.

All you have to do is to upload the wind resource file (.wrg), the planning area (.shp) and constraints (.shp)

In return you get high quality, optimal layouts that you can continue to work on.


ParkOptimizer is a desktop application for wind farms in complex terrain. ParkOptimizer requires WindSim and is distributed by WindSim.

With ParkOptimizer, you map the areas that are  unsuitable for turbine placements by checking the IEC compliance of shear, flow inclination, turbulence, extreme wind and terrain inclination.

Having mapped out unsuitable areas for turbine placements, you then go on to optimize your layout.

For best results, ParkOptimizer connects with the WindFarmDesigns service to return optimal layouts.

Windoku Challenge - try optimising the turbine placements

Windoku Challenge

Windoku is a small game where you are to optimise the layout of a wind farm.

Even though this game is simplified, none of the existing commercial software are able to guarantee the optimal solutions. In fact – human players usually outperform existing software. There is one exception, though:

WindFarmDesigns guarantees optimal layout for the Windoku Challenge.

Give it a try and challenge your colleagues!