2. Input files

2.1 WindSim files

WindSim simulations of windspeed and turbulence must be generated at heights as specified in the gui, and for 12 sectors of wind direction from 0 to 330 degrees. Press the Hight Definition button to modify the simulation heights.


The following files are required, where sss denotes the 12 sectors.

.\windfield\speed_2d_sss_hhhh_nt0.scl : contain horizontal wind speed, where the hhhh are the Simulation Hight and the Simulation Hight added/subtracted the Shear Deviation hight
.\windfield\wcrt_sss_hhhh_nt0.scl : contain vertical wind speed, where hhhh is the Simulation Hight
.\windfield\ti_sss_hhhh_nt0.scl : contain turbulence intensity, where hhhh is the Simulation Hight
.\dtm\view_inclination.scl : contains terrain inclination.
Wind Resource .wrg file at the Simulation Hight. Normally located in .\Layout\Report.

Note that if a measurement tws file is defined in Turbulence Setup of the Constraints Map tab, then a turbulence intensity file at the measurement height is required.

2.2 Other files

Turbine specification file (.pws), defining the power-curve PC and thrust-coefficient Ct functions
Wind measurement file (.tws). Optional measurement file for turbulence and extreem-speed IEC Constraints calculation