3. Output files

3.1 WindSim files

Parkdesign automatically generates the following files, saved to Results Directory (as defined/set in Initialization and General Function )

  • energymap.csv; written after the Energy Map is calculated. This file can be loaded instead of recalculating the energy.
  • .\OPT_OUT\energy_curve.csv. The energy curve E(n) – the energy production in MWh/year as a function of the number of turbines n, corresponding to files layoutn.txt/ows. Created when Layout is optimized.
  • .\OPT_OUT\layoutxxx.txt/ows. The turbine layouts corresponding to energy_curve.csv. Formats are WindPro (.txt) and WindSim (.ows).
  • .\OPT_OUT\wake_effect_adjusted. A directory created when the Layout is adjusted for wake effect. Contains the same file types as OPT_OUT.
  • energymap_ge.kml and windmap_ge.kml. Written after the Energy Map is calculated. For viewing in Google Earth.
  • parkdesign_gui_vars.mat; The gui state is saved to this file when the gui is closed. Can be loaded with Load Session in Initialization and General Function

In addition, there are temporary files energy.csv (Energy Map), constaints.csv (Exclusion areas) and forbidden.csv (points outside the planning area, but withint the defined rectangular project grid), used during layout optimization.  These are written to the results directory and may be useful for import to other software.

Further, ParkOptimizer uses .pgn (text) files for the Park Area or additional constraints drawn with the editor, and upon saving constraints to file, these are saved in csv format and grdsurfer-grid format.

3.2 Other files

Turbine specification file (.pws), defining the power-curve PC, thrust-coefficient Ct functions, and noise curves.  ParkOptimizer version>2.3 can read both old .pws format (no noise data) and new format (with noise data)

Wind measurement file (.tws), for optional turbulence and extreme wind  in the IEC Constraints calculation