5. Energy Map

Select the Wind Resource wrg file, specifying the Weibull parameters for 12 sectors at each point, and the Turbine Specification pws file giving the power-curve PC.

The energy at each point is calculated as the sum over 12 sectors of

 \int_{v_{in}}^{v_{out}} wbl(v,A,k) PC(v) f \cdot dv

where wbl is the Weibull probability distribution function with parameters (for each sector) (A,k) and frequency f.

After the calculation is complete energymap.csv and Google Earth energymap_ge.kml/windmap_ge.kml are saved to the Results Directory, where the windmap_ge.kml file gives average windspeed as specified in the Wind Resource file. Note that the kml files reference png bitmap files with the same name, so that the kml files must be edited if the kml/png files are moved to another location.

The energymap.csv can be loaded instead of recalculating the energy.