1. Introduction

Parkdesign determines the best configuration of wind turbines in a given project. The turbine placements are optimal w.r.t energy production and in accordance with selectable IEC constraints. An economic-optimization feature is used to determine the number of turbines for the project.

WindSim simulations provide the Parkdesign Input Files. In particular, a Wind Resource (.wrg) file is used to calculate the Energy Map – energy-production at each point – and windspeed/turbulence-intensity simulations at specified heights are used (together with the Wind Resource file in some cases) to calculate wind characteristics – for example wind-flow inclination or shear – that determine valid points w.r.t IEC constraints; the Constraints Map

Given the Energy and Constraints maps, a series of Layouts are generated for turbines 1,…,N that optimize the energy-production. The optimization is through Xpress, giving optimal layouts, or through heuristic optimization when Xpress is not installed. An energy-curve E(n), n=1,…,N, thus obtained from the layouts, is then a factor in the Economic Optimization feature, providing Net Present Value calculations which when maximized specifies the best layout.

The use of Parkdesign progresses through the following steps, signified by tabs in the gui

  • Initialization and General Function. Select the WindSim project directory and define the Park Area.
  • Energy Map . Calculate the energy production at each point based on a wind-resource file and a turbine specific power-curve.
  • Constraints Map . Generate turbine placement constraints
  • Layout . Produce N optimal layouts and the energy curve E(n), n=1,…,N
  • Economic Optimization . Perform Net Present Value calculations to determine the best layout